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a change. the change was not made so there was a mistake in not making the change immediately and there was a missed opportunity to also have interpreted that as a sign of something we didn't see at the time. >> in a later e-mail you said we are working on a new set of limits for synthetic credit and the current c s o one will be replaced by something more sensible and granular. mr. bacon, there are firm why risk limits at jpmorgan. is that true? >> yes. >> were those breachy ignored? >> they were not added goerge. specifically the one i expect your referring to in january, it was not ignored. it caused action and escalation. it was a situation where we relied upon the explanation that turned out to be wrong about the new model, implementations that was agreed by the risk-management in place of the time by multiple review or trailed or reliance was erroneously placed on that. >> let me tell you what is hard to explain to my constituents when their tax dollars are insuring their deposits. they are going to ask how could we possibly balloon up to $6 billion loss and basically no
are committed to getting the moving. we know that fitness has the power to change lives for the better and we believe that those who are fit not only change themselves, but can be the change agents for people around them. a few years ago come as the issue of obesity and other health trends reached a point where it could no longer be ignored, reebok began to ask some difficult questions. they took a hard look at themselves and the industry and asked what have we accomplished? we are sports and fitness brand but have we done anything to help? what we realize is over the past few decades per-capita sports participation has declined. reebok and other brands in the industry have arguably created a world of fans versus participants. as they celebrated the elite athletes and their achievements they stopped talking about people and what sports and fitness can be to the average person. the next question reebok asked is what can we do to reverse this trend? we decided they needed to change their approach and made a commitment that moving forward, reebok would shift the paradigm to change the perception
. changing laws is incredible and the organization's, women for women international who help in that and i appreciate you bringing it up and that is an amazing, public health and an attorney, good for you. >> if you are interested in knowing more about slavery in the united states are recommend looking at the polaris project website. it was started by -- you guys can change the world. it is amazing what you can do. they didn't know how difficult it is to pass laws in congress because they were so young and the trafficking laws passed in this country and they were largely responsible, traffic victims -- you know what i mean, the one thing that will end up in the paper. i highly recommend it. i would even suggest asking, a very inspiring place. and possibly a place that is centered. >> good afternoon. i am meredith waters, a current senior and brad -- undergrad. from conversation he mentioned how import your faith is to you. i'm wondering how we can finance that to improve health globally and what challenges are encountered regarding sexual and reproductive health. >> wonderful question. i l
or a typical police helicopter really hasn't changed the way we think about this or view it. >> what limitations would your members support? >> let me clarify. the limitations we support are the ones we currently have identified through a study of case law that occurred. >> it seems to me there should be an important distinction between individuals for soon there is probable cause, substantial evidence to be suspected of a crime and law-enforcement has always had extensive tools for operating in that environment and the collection of data concerning ordinary citizens. when you overlay the availability of drones with the proliferation of things such as stationary cameras. my home town of houston recently voted to take down red light cameras. i think a great many of us, myself included, have very deep concerns about the government collecting information on the citizenry and with the ease and availability of drones there is a real concern that the day to day conduct of american citizens going about their business might be monitored, catalogs and recorded by the federal government and i
happen on so many matters you are trying to change. >> host: why did you not accept the honorary degree from georgetown university that you were offered? >> guest: i got there that day, george what is his name? ted. i opened the paper and found out i had come all the way from the caribbean to accept it and i was deeply honored. a black member of the georgetown administration had worked so hard to make this possible and i was profoundly honored. i got up that night and opened the paper to see that george tenet was to be honored. he was of course instrumental in making this illegal and immoral war in iraq. the blitzkrieg bombing of iraq, thinking about innocent civilians beanies all of those bombs that lit up the night, the war against iraq was opened. justification was a spate of lies before the united nations to make this possible with the figleaf of security council cover, was outrageous and despicable and i thought the value of the honorary degree from georgetown had been lost for me and so i came up the next morning to meet with the georgetown people to tell them that i couldn't acce
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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